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RBG Lefty Hero Vol 2 - Gratitude Journal - LEFTY NATION

RBG Lefty Hero Vol 2 - Gratitude Journal - LEFTY NATION


A gratitude journal made for lefties, inspired by a legendary lefty.

Hand drawn then printed cover depicting the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It can be hard to find gratitude in moments of adversity. This gratitude journal contains 50 dotted pages with gratitude prompts to help you along.


What you focus on expands, so get it all out onto the page - be so busy focusing on the good that you have no time to think about the bad. Screw that bad stuff. It's done.

Specially bound for the lefty artists!

Paperback cover

Size 5"x8.5"

Hand assembled (which means you might find my fingerprint, or an imperfection, or charm and character and love)

Collect all my books, gift them, enjoy them. The hand assembled books are sometimes one of a kind, or very limited in series - so grab them when you see and love them. Check back soon to see what I come up with next!


Ships the next day. 

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