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Back In My Day Coloring Book

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UDN at Anthology Puzzles

Shop for the most amazing wood puzzles on the planet, featuring Underdog Nation designs. You can even get a monthly subscription, and play with a new UDN puzzle with each full moon.
Anthology is the best - I know you'll love them

let's go make a mess.


" day you'll wake up and miss every toy you've ever owned"

~Regina Spektor


Coloring, toys, stickers and goofy t-shirts aren't just for

the younger generations.

The 40+ crowd grew up without cameras and video recorders in their pockets, without the internet to do our research, and without social media to document it all.

Our past can only be found in stacks of Polaroids, in our memories, and now here, at Underdog Nation.

Underdog Nation is an artist's beloved brand, born for the camaraderie of the underdog in all of us. My favorite thing to do is create coloring books and stickers that are drawn from the inspiration of my GenX childhood, the retro culture, and the artist's love of all things unique and bold. At this point in my life, I would love nothing more than to turn the whole world into a coloring book.


Some of my items are available for wholesale (buy more for less $$$)


I sincerely would love to hear from you!
I'm never too busy for any phone call/text/email/love note......

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